Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Contain this: Noble argument, but don't buy it. Well, what I mean is it's a very compelling reason to go in, but dare I mention N. Korea once more? If Castro didn't put all of his money into healthcare and education, you'd have the same argument in Cuba. How about Somalia? Oh right, they kicked our asses already. Okay then, let's go to Nigeria, the Congo, or Ethiopia. Plenty of tyrants there hacking off limbs, starving their people for one more Mercedes. Hell, we're not even containing half of those I've mentioned - we're simply ignoring them. Why? Because Africa offers little strategic interest. They're doing a good job of killing themselves, so let's not worry right now. How about Egypt or Saudi Arabia? These regimes are extremely repressive but constitute two of the biggest donees of U.S. aid (Egypt is only behind Israel in terms of dollars donated - go figure). Listen, I don't pretend to be naive. I know we need to coddle those we depend on, while we whack those we can afford to whack. But don't, Mr. Mead, get sanctimonious on me.

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