Thursday, March 13, 2003

The Right Honourable Gentleman: The British papers are wringing their hands over Blair's steadfast resolve to stay in the Iraq game. I guess they'd rather rely on France for support in times of crises. In any event, I was watching C-Span last night and they had the recent Q&A at the House of Commons, which is a delightful process of direct, unstilted questioning aimed at the leader of the government, namely the P.M. Blair has to, in rapid-fire fashion, respond to question after question on a variety of issue (granted most are more hand-wringing types over Iraq). I'm sure Blair has his blind spots, but god, what a true leader. He is sharp, eloquent, witty, logical, and emotional without ever sounding wooden or like he's in denial. As you've said before, he presents the most compelling argument for going in. Too bad Bush can't muster half of what Tony has, but one takes the good with the bad.

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