Sunday, March 23, 2003

Impressions: War sucks. I hate seeing this on TV, but I can't pull away. I'm very sorry for all the Americans who will lose a loved one over there; there can be nothing worse. I feel terrible for our allies who will die, including the innocent Iraqis. After seeing them pounding on posters of Saddam, waving to our troops, and holding up their Halal-specific MREs, I believe most of them to be our allies in this struggle.

Things looked pretty good for a few days there, but reality settled in quickly. There never will be a clean war, but goddamn was it nice to hope, for a moment, that the Baathist leadership was going to push Saddam out the front door and start rolling over like the French.

The POWs: God, this is all we need, those sympathizers over at al-Jazeera running Saddamite propaganda. I hope this won't cause some of our troops to seek a bit of payback. Listen: Dead Republican Guard troops won't cause me any loss of sleep, but let's be cricket about this. The nice thing is, we can play fair and still win.

In general, this is the worst thing I've ever seen. God forbid I ever have to see this up close. (And this is playground stuff, so far, compared to something like WWI.)

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