Friday, March 21, 2003

Will the real Slim Saddam please stand up?: First of all, my apologies to Eminem. Secondly, I've watched and re-watched the videotape of "Saddam" denouncing the first attacks shortly after they occurred (you know, the "decapitating strikes"). Either the bunker doesn't have hair-dye or he's just "keepin' it real". Either way, that guy reading stiffly from some papers didn't act or exactly look like Saddam. The glasses are the biggest problem. You wear glasses with that grey mustache and you start to draw comparisons to the drawn, grey Hitler from his last days. Not exactly the message you want to convey with the tanks rumbling in. Plus, Saddam has never been one to hold tight to script. Granted, his secret bunker doesn't have a full media center with teleprompters, but is a script really necessary to flick off the U.S.? Like Saddam has to reach for the right words to call us the "great Satan"? No, you only have a script when you're worried your actor might go impromptu all of the sudden: "Please, get me out of here. I just want to go back to my shop. You know, I just used to do a few parties when someone needed a telegram delivered from 'Great Uncle,' but this is ridiculous. Please, someone." Anyway, I have my doubts.

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