Wednesday, March 12, 2003

God's on my side: I agree with you that TNR's piece on Bush's compact with Jehovah is cheap and desperate. I'm not big on any leader of a secular country that constantly refers to the divine for his inspiration. The reason being is that we know how actions are justified by religious "beliefs" (viz. Israel, Palestine, Taliban, Crusades....). Ideally, you have someone who states a position and then articulates its support based on reason and empirical facts. If Bush's determination and steadfastness is his strength, then it is also his weakness. Having said as much, I admire him for his ability to act and not waver (certainly Clinton, for all of his intelligence and articulateness, was not nearly as strong in his convictions). I don't think it's a worthy or proper subject for a magazine to take issue with unless you can really show that the religious beliefs have actually negatively impacted on his decision-making.

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