Wednesday, October 01, 2003

You can't spell "TEAM" without E-G-O: TMQ did a bit yesterday, in light of Terrell Owens' tantrum, Sunday, on why WRs are so ego-maniacal. It was pretty good and basically got down to the fact that WRs are always on an island, always presume to be open, and never block (with few exceptions).

I was reading the USA Today's Sport Section (still the best section in the country, even if the rest of the paper is the worst), and went into the team update portions. Hi-larious. Politicians have nothing on prima donna football players and double-speak. Here's two excerpts, thef first from Warrick Dunn:
"I think guys want to see me make plays and not just sit around and pat somebody on the butt and say, "Hey, let's get something started,' " he said. "I don't think guys can be leaders if they're ... not on the field producing.' The first thing they'll tell you is, 'You're not going through what we're going through.'"
I wonder what "guys" are dying for him to make plays? Could it be Dunn and his friend know the guy who sits on his shoulder?

Next up, Plaxico Burress:
Burress has only one touchdown catch in four games and rarely gets the ball thrown to him when they get inside the 20. That may be one reason the Steelers rank 14th in the AFC with a 33.3 success rate scoring TDs in the red zone.

"Somehow we have to find a way to get the ball to the right people and let those guys play," Burress said.
Again, we need certain "guys" to play and get the ball. Please Plaxico, enlighten us as to their identities. Wouldn't it be helpful for the coach and quarterback to know which "guys" can get this team turned around?

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