Monday, October 13, 2003

This Shall Not Stand: I have to tell you, I came into work this morning looking for a holiday. It's Columbus Day, after all, a celebration of right-wing values -- such as killing aborigines and stealing, in lavish wampum-for-that-slice-of-land swaps, natural resources the natives didn't know the value of. Most of the staff is off today, and those of us "working" (I assumed the quotes to be accurate at 7:00 a.m.) had planned a potluck feast of Italian goodies, in honor of ol' Cristoforo.

Please explain how this turned into the busiest day in weeks. I just dashed into the lunchroom, rolled some salami and cheese into a piece of bread, and decided to type this while I chew.

Ulp. Gotta run. Oh, the anger . . .

More: An example of the oppression, perhaps? How about this. Today's first cigarette didn't hit my lips until nearly half past noon. For shame, to be falling behind on one's blogging and one's smoking.

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