Thursday, October 23, 2003

Of Bills Who Kill: Eno's pick of "Rouge" is probably a great one. I've only seen "White" so I can't say. In my household, it's becoming increasingly difficult to see the movies I really want to catch up on (it's either Disney or romantic comedies - Mrs. Razor more aligned with the happy-enders). I sneak one in now and then, but the disgusted looks I get mid-way are a bit much to take (I took her to see The Pledge, starring Nicholson, directed by Penn - it's a brilliant, heartfelt film with a decidedly disturbing undertone and subject matter. The ending about breaks your heart. Mrs. Razor wanted my head examined after that one). Although this weekend we are taking a Saturday in the city (Philly) and will likely head over to the Ritz for a movie. Suggestions? I'm considering "The Station Agent" as a nice compromise between an arty film and one with at least the hope of happiness in the end.

Anyway, more on Kill Bill. In its defense, the thing was filmed as one piece and then was divided in two for financial/marketing reasons (people don't sit through 4 hour movies). So, it's either Miramax's fault or Q.T.'s for not doing a better job of realizing this up-front, and then fixing it during filming, not editing. But, that only addresses the format, not the film itself.

Flyer is right that the movie has to stand by itself, and not only be for those who are movie geeks for a certain era and genre. But I also think that Q.T. will always suffer from Pulp Fiction and to some extent, Resovoir Dogs. The expectation was that he would continue in those veins (i.e. modern-day gangster pics - albeit wonderfully thoughtful ones). Q.T. said he wanted to do a pure action film and not slow it down like he did in his prior movies. Again, you can question his intent, his idea, or his editing, but I still think the pictures on the celluloid (at least he didn't do it in digital!) hold their own.

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