Thursday, October 23, 2003

Rummy Follow Up: Look at that memo again. Look at the distribution list:
TO: Gen. Dick Myers
Paul Wolfowitz
Gen. Pete Pace
Doug Feith
Where's the leak? This list puts the "top" in "top brass." You can bet pretty confidently that it's not Feith or Wolfowitz. The other two are JCS brass, meaning dead-solid Pentagon -- the hate-Rummy capital of official Washington. Just speculating here, but an axe is being ground, and it pays to look for the convenient pile of wood.

Who knows. Could be anyone.

More: The tastefully named Brendan at Human Liberty makes a case that argues for an inside job:

It occurs to me that the leaked memo comes at a good time for the Republicans. It lowers the bar for what the public should expect from the Iraqi occupation. The leak happens to come with just about the right amount of time for the public to assimilate new ideas before the election. Democrat critics will now be forced to be even more critical of the Administration than the Administration is being of itself. They will temporarily be able to say, "Gotcha," but that will wear thin pretty quick.
I'm inferring here, but I think he's saying that if Rumsfeld didn't leak the memo, he should have.

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