Thursday, October 30, 2003

First, allow me to beat a dead horse: I was listening to Howard Stern this morning on the ride to the train and picked it up as Quentin Tarantino walked in. He was there basically to talk about "Kill Bill". Howard simply loved the movie; Robin pretty much hated it. Her critique (and she went off on Q.T. about it) somewhat matched Flyer's; to wit: no character development, gratuitous violence, no explanation of who anyone was and hence, no emotional involvement. Quentin rebutted (and I only caught about 10 mintutes altogether) that he was doing an homage to martial arts pics - that in martial arts pics, it's not about characters and their motivations (unless it's revenge, of course), but about the visuals, the action, and all the cool nicknames and fighting styles. To her credit, Robin understood what the film was about also honoring other styles of movies, and her critque was quite blunt: It's an insult to Sergio Leone (the great spaghetti western director). Q.T. was put off, but he kept on going. Stern was firmly in his corner. I would have liked to hear more, but I had to get my train. However, the kicker was this: Q.T. -- "So, Robin, will you go see the second part?" Robin - "I have to so I can actually see a movie." [meaning the first half didn't stand on it's own]. Very entertaining. I call it a draw.

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