Monday, October 13, 2003

A Mighty Wind This Way Blows: I haven't seen it yet. As you can relate, I just don't get out much any more for movie purposes. I spent this weekend doing my domestic best: cleaned up the yard, bought and used a new gas grill (Mrs. Razor vetoed my request for a industrial-grade smoker so I could enter Barbeque contests - in Georgia); finished painting and assembling our kitchen table and chairs; made Hungarian goulash; went shopping for new bed for eldest child; even watched football.

We did get to watch "Down With Love" (guess who picked it out) which was an Ewan McGregor/Renee Zelweiger romantic comedy. The story was blah, but what I loved was the setting - sort of a technicolor version of the early 1960s. The furniture, the outfits, the jargon - all wonderful to watch and matches perfectly how my imagination is very sure the white, elite, East Coast world must have been back then (drinks with lunch [Eno: Right. Only in the 60s]; middle managers going by "J.P." or "C.J."; shameless flirting and bedding of sexy stewardesses; intercoms to secretaries sitting at desks without computers; and on it goes).

Back to "Mighty Wind" - I will, of course, still see it, and most likely enjoy it immensely, but I'd heard that it was the weakest of his movies, even though the subject matter would seem prime for real bust-out laughter (if you can't make fun of earnest Hippie folk singing - you need to give it up). I'll report back.

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