Tuesday, October 14, 2003

O'Hypocrite: Bill O'Reilly is tough guy, right? He's not afraid to take on unpopular causes because he knows he's got god and country behind him, yes? He's also a "fair" interviewer, who isn't out to silence his interviewees or push his own agend, right? Right?

So why cry foul and run away from Terry Gross? Apparently, it got too hot in the kitchen for him. He claims that NPR was simply out to get him and he wouldn't stand for it; no, in fact he made a run for it. I find it amusing that when the role was reversed, he couldn't stay and argue his points. He claims to be so verbally versatile and smarter than most, yet when NPR's attack dog, Terry Gross (!) starts asking him questions, he is suddenly left with no recourse but to skedaddle.

I think this should be bigger news than anything Rush has done to date, yet it's getting soft-pedaled. Why? Must be the media who wants a white conservative pundit to do well.

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