Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Dinklage: Glad you mentioned this; I meant to. I remember him first from Middle School. He played "Jud" in "Oklahoma". The Jud character is the best character in the play because he has the most depth and intrigue about him - basically the only dark note in an otherwise syrupy sweet musical. Dinklage, despite his size, had a booming bass/baritone that really carried. My only line referred to Jud, and his apparent murderous intentions: "Tried to stab him with a frog-sticker!" Thank you, thank you.

I then sang with him freshman year at the private-school-that-shall-remain-nameless that I had the foresight to get out of a year before Eno came to his senses. Again, Dinklage was one of the leading singers.

The only movie I actually saw him in was "Living in Oblivion" - a Steve Buscemi-starring indie film which is a hilarious look at a director trying to make his first indie film. Kathleen Keener also stars - and she's hot baby, hot! Dinklage played a funny role which took on directly his size - he plays a dwarf in a dream scene. He storms out mid-scene complaining of why dwarves only seem to get roles in bizarre dream sequences - a clear slap at "Twin Peaks".

Anyway, he's a good actor and a very commanding presence. People of his size will always face the challenge of being cast for a "normal" role, i.e. one that doesn't depend on the character's size for one purpose or another. Good luck, Pete.

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