Thursday, October 30, 2003

Intel inadequacy: Well, if we assume the intel was strong up until 2002 (when we had recent information from the evicted inspectors, and presumably, spies in situ), and then we were left guessing for all of 2003, then the analysis of that information was woefully deficient and/or simply hopeful. If it fell apart in 1998, then we had no business assuming anything, much less invading Iraq on that pretense alone. Like just about everyone, I'm pleased as punch that Saddam is deposed and we're in there. I don't care all that much about coalition-building, other than from the strain it puts on our monetary and human resources. However, at best we were doing a pre-emptive strike on a proven dangerous character. Yes, he used chemical weapons, but they were on a minority population (i.e. most Iraqis wouldn't shed any tears) within the boundaries of Iraq - something he could get away with. You didn't see anyone launching attacks against Hussein for the little ol' dead Kurds. There was no evidence even in Gulf War I, of him using them on foreign soldiers. As for his nuclear capabilities, it's always a dangerous scenario, but until an actual threat can be perceived, it's not one that justifies a pre-emptive invasion (see, e.g., Korea, North - a country openly flaunting its nukes and its intent to "test" them).

Again, Bush did the right thing for potentially flawed reasons (at least his stated reasons). No one really cares because it was Saddam freakin' Hussein, but it doesn't make it any more supportable. I don't seriously think Bush fooled anyone - rather they were all happy to go along and prop up the flimsy evidence in accordance with the Wolfowitz doctrine. The DOD, the CIA, State, and Congress wwere all (well, nearly all) happy to go kick some A-rab ass (I mean, Afghanistan hardly counted, really). And don't forget the atmosphere: dissent was dangerously close to treason, in many eyes. I concede that it's not an either/or scenario, but something, somewhere fell apart, and no one can figure out what, which is really the scary part.

Hey, at least I'm not as bad as this.

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