Thursday, October 30, 2003

Spin This: According to this story on the business wire, the horrible "Bush economy" continues on its predictable course:
Third-quarter gross domestic product, a measure of all the goods and services produced in the U.S., rose at a sizzling 7.2% annual rate, more than double the 3.3% rate in the second quarter, the Commerce Department said Thursday . . . The third-quarter growth pace was the fastest since the first quarter of 1984, when the economy grew at a heady 9% pace.
Keep an eye on the Democrats. How on earth will they sell this story? Sure, later on they can trot out the homeless and the "working poor" and claim that Bush's economy is "heartless," just like they did with Reagan. (Note that such concern was curiously absent in the Clinton economy.) But up until yesterday, the Dems have been painting Bush as an economic idiot with the "worst policies since Herbert Hoover."

I bet John Kerry kicked the wall so hard this morning, he broke three toes.

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