Friday, October 24, 2003

Rush must be flipping out (and not from Oxycontin): So, Junior Seau, one of the all-time great NFL linebackers is asked about this upcoming game in which he will be facing his former team (Chargers) and in particular, a rather nimble running back, Ladanian Tomlinson. When asked how he intended to stop L.T., Seau responded that the best way would be to fill him up on watermelon and fried chicken. Outrageous, right? Fuzzy Zoeller got the snot beaten out of him by the press for his collard greens comment about Tiger. So, shouldn't Seau be sanctioned?

Well, no. First of all, it's Junior Seau who's saying this, a class act if there ever was one (does he get a break for being Samoan and not white? Sure, but read on). Secondly, he's buddies with L.T. (we all know friends can get away with busting on each other, even in non P.C. ways). Last (and most importantly) they actually used to eat fried chicken and watermelon together - indeed those two delicacies are among L.T.'s favorites. Moreover, L.T. is cool with it and even wore Seau's jersey around practice to show his support. So, in this case, a stereotypical comment was actually founded in truth, thereby eliminating the stereotype. Limbaugh would argue that there's a double-standard. But, one must always consider the source (Rush is hardly going to be cut any slack when he voices his opinion on ESPN). More importantly, one must consider the truth. There was no demonstrable truth in what Rush said; it was at best an honest opinion - which perhaps makes it even worse. Therein lies the difference.

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