Thursday, October 09, 2003

Will Bill be Killed?: This weekend we see the opening of "Kill Bill" the latest (in quite a while) from Tarantino. This was the movie he's had in the back of his head ever since he was probably 10 years old and saw Bruce Lee's "Game of Death" for the first time (as an aside, that movie, as many know, was really only about 30% completed before Lee died. But, because his name was a license to print money in the 70s, Golden Harvest Films finished it up with incredibly lame body doubles, and even cardboard cut-outs of Lee's face! They even stooped so low as to put footage from his actual funeral in the movie.). This is also supposedly the movie that couldn't be made with out Uma, who was pregnant when the project was ready for filming, but Miramax let Q.T. wait her out until she was ready.
We all know that since Pulp Fiction, Mr. Tarantino has had a very hit-and-miss career. Jackie Brown was probably the next best film, even though it didn't capture the imagination like P.F. did. Anyway, everyone associated with the film assures us, this is the film. This is the film that he's been dying to make, and that he couldn't make until the time was right. Verdcit? Here's two sources. First, the venerable Harry Knowles. Second, a friend of mine who got an advance screening pass. He said that it was excellent from start to finish. Incredibly bloody, but excellent (not that the two are mutually exclusive for us all, heh). I'm going to see it in about a week, and will report back here, but from the buzz, this looks like the movie with "Bad Motherfucker" written on it.

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