Thursday, October 02, 2003

Step Up to the Vic: Just at the time Limbaugh is making himself the latest incarnation of Jimmy the Greek, his drug supplier (also his housekeeper) decides to roll over on him and tell all about his pharmaceutical habit. It's always the preachy ones.

More: As a strongly pro-drug kind of guy, I don't see anything wrong with scoring good pharm, if you can get it. Limbaugh can do heroin, as far as I'm concerned. Does this prove him a hypocrite, though? Sure. But who didn't already guess he was that? But hypocrisy is often a "fine for me and not for thee" kind of thing. The post above is a good example. Another good example is the latest Schwarzenegger flap:

Six women accused the Republican actor in interviews with the Los Angeles Times of groping them on movie sets and in other settings over the last three decades, the newspaper reported in Thursday editions.
So women think groping is a bad thing in a public official now? Golly, who knew?

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