Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Recall Posting: California blogger and radio talker Hugh Hewitt has seen an uptick in visibility during the recall. His commentary has been good at the Weekly Standard, although his biases are wholly undisguised. (He's pro-Arnold. Kind of shocking to hear from a California Republican who wants to win, eh?)

Speaking of biases, note this entry in Hugh's recall blog:

Shock jock? Yes, that's how NPR referred to me this morning in an account of Arnold's campaign trip yesterday: "AM radio shock jock Hugh Hewitt quickly prompted the crowd to see what they thought about the Los Angeles Times."
Have you heard Hewitt's show? He's not Howard Stern, that's for sure. He has guests on his show like WaPo's Howard Kurtz, TNR's Peter Beinart, TPM's Josh Marshall. I've said before, and I'll repeat, 90% of left-wing media bias is ignorance, coupled with an astoundingly low tolerance for differing opinion -- hence, not only did nobody from NPR listen to Hugh Hewitt before pronouncing him a "shock jock," I'd wager nobody even thought to.

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