Friday, October 03, 2003

Mr. Shoe, Meet the Other Foot: I'm just happy to see you get payback for the years when I suffered the tenure of Kordell Stewart at QB. For whatever reason, few players have been as consistently overhyped, I think we can agree. Kordell was always on the verge of mastering the offense, maturing, finding an OC that suited his style, etc. It was a long verge, I suppose. And I took your slings and arrows all the way. All the way to the Championship game against the Patriots, as I recall, wherein "Slash" proved his unerring ability to always hit the open man -- even if he was a cornerback wearing the opponent's colors.

I've tried hard not to get into the meat of this issue, since I don't know McNabb's playing well enough (he's in that other conference, after all). Meanwhile, here are some depressing numbers from USA Today: Pittsburgh's defense is ranked 2nd; their offense 3rd. This is the team that needed to face the Bengals to get a ground game started -- and won by only a TD and the conversion? Ugh.

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