Thursday, October 02, 2003

McNabb is a great rusher: As I alluded to before, the entire Philadelphia metropolitan area was screaming for the head of McNabb and his chubby, walrus-like white coach, Andy Reid. Every negative thing that could be said about him, was said. Everyone who watches McNabb play every game has questions about his arm; not the strength (actually he has a very strong arm), but his accuracy, which is often a problem. Funny, no one has ever questioned his mental acuity, which is the usual codeword for saying blacks can't play. To the contrary, most believe that mentally, McNabb is just fine for the complicated West Coast offense. Rather, most believe his physical strengths (speed, strong arm for deep throws, and his linebacker size) are more suited to a roll out, vertical game, where you never know if he's running or throwing.

There is definitely a strong push for minority coaches and ownership in the NFL, but very little of one for QBs. The fact is that black QBs are commonplace enough, and good enough, to not be noticed. And, if you look at the horrible law of averages on a QB actually being successful over his career, I'd bet you'd find the same amount of black QBs don't cut it as white. I mean, it's got to be the most pressure-laden job in football. McNabb is especially well-suited to it because he is smart, but also because he is simply unflappable - the guy never stops smiling. That said, we (the Philly fans) were all over his ass for how he had lost "it" and wasn't playing right. It had nothing to do with him being black or white. The Philly fans pretty much hate everyone that isn't at MVP level (ask Mike Schmidt how bad he got it - and he's one of the best Phillies of all time).

The point is that Rush truly made his ciomment without factual support. It was more of the same: paranoia (as we all know from the "Musings" site, that only means he has all the facts) over a "liberal media". How that plays for sports writers is beyond me. Rush has been listening to himself for too long, and can't let sports be sports. That is why he was wrong for the job (and why Dennis Miller was wrong on MNF): he can't adjust his words/thought pattern to a different audience. Stick to the dittoheads on the AM dial.

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