Thursday, October 09, 2003

Kobe: Well, we now know what it is exactly that Kobe is supposed to have done to this girl out in Colorado. And, it ain't pretty. When Kobe broke his silence some time ago in a touching press conference, with his wife by his side (her new $4MM purple diamond in full shimmer) he admitted to extra-marital sex, but insisted that it was completely consensual.

The scuttlebut had been that they were getting it on when he either turned violent or got kinky, at which point she blanched. Now we see that she went up there willingly, after having already shown him her tattoo on her back (a la Monica with her thong), but refused to hop in the hot tub (it being, presumably, "too hot"!). Then kissing and pawing ensues, but she wants to leave. At that point, he gets frustrated and rapes here over a chair (the romantic guy that he is). This poses some problems for them both. For her, she admits to being sexual with him, and allowing and perhaps initiating contact. But, it's certainly her prerogative to get nervous or simply want to back off. From his stand point, it's easier to blast her because there was a degree of consent involved, but when she tries to leave, he gets angry and then takes her by force, all the while reminding her not to tell anyone. Plus, the medical examiner says the physical evidence supports assault.

On the whole, I think this is bad for him, if not as bad as it could have been (no consensual touching), and there may be some mitigation. However, it's a callous jury indeed who will not believe anything she says, especially if the defense can't destroy her character with prior medical/psychiatric records and the like. The defense now has to go on the offensive. It will be ugly. And, apparently, we will all be watching like vultures.

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