Friday, October 03, 2003

Enough Rush: Geoffrey Norman on NRO gets it right on l'affaire Limbaugh.
And if you have not had your fill of humorless preening from the outrage corps when you wake up Sunday morning and decide, again, to skip church, then you are free to choose from among Tim, George, Tony, Wolf, and a bunch of others (to include The McLaughlin Group, where they specialize in shrieking at each other like a bunch of old-women at a tent sale). During the commercials, you could read Dowd in the Times. Sunday afternoon should be sacred. This is where we get to see men settle their differences straight up and wish that we, too, could do it that way. With a forearm shiver to the side of our enemy's head. There is a purity in that. Or there used to be, anyway.

Rush should have stuck to radio.

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