Wednesday, September 03, 2003

This keeps getting weirder: By now, most of us have read about the exploding pizza delivery man. For those who haven't, a pizza delivery guy gets called to deliver an order to a remote area near Erie, PA. He shows up an hour later with bomb clamped to his neck and two hand-written notes apparently instructing him to rob a bank. Well, the cops show up and set him down in an isolated area until the bomb squad arrives. Ooops, too late. The bomb goes off, and so does the delivery guy's head. Yes, I'm being callous, but doesn't this seem straight out of a movie? Now they're reporting he had some strange gun-like device in his car. Oh, and the delivery guy's co-worker and friend are also found dead the same day, although the feds are saying it's unrelated.

I guess what I'm trying to get my hands around is the logic behind the "caper". If he truly was ordered to go and rob a bank with this device around his neck, what made the robbers think he'd get away? There was no communication from the bad guys that unless he was set free they would remotely detonate the device. Therefore, the cops kept ahold of him. If the guy did it himself, again, there was no escape route. It would therefore reason that either this was an elaborate homicide or suicide. I'm very intrigued and not just a little disturbed.

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