Friday, September 19, 2003

In Other News: Paul McCartney has remastered the Beatles' Let it Be to remove the post-production schmaltz ladled on by Phil Spector. Can I get an amen?

I do own (and cherish) the album; as tasteless as a lot of it may be, and as much as it was Lennon's middle finger to the group to get Spector involved, the songwriting is a tour of understated excellence ("Two of Us"), ballsy R&B ("Get Back"), the original power ballad ("Let it Be"), and some retro kicks ("One After 909," no doubt one of the inspirations for David and Nigel's impromptu "All the Way Home" from Spinal Tap).

Also in the musical vein, my son has taken quite a shine to Dusty Springfield's Dusty in Memphis, which I had given a lot of play at one time. It's great that he just pulls whatever catches his eye out of the collection, and I say, "Oh, yeah! I forgot we had this one." If you haven't heard it, check it out. And definitely get the version with the extra tracks. Her crack at the Goffin/King tune "That Old Sweet Roll" alone is worth the extra couple of bucks.

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