Monday, September 29, 2003

Administration Intrigue: Did the Bush administration try to exact some sort of vengeance after a Foggy Bottom critic popped the yellowcake balloon? From the WaPo:
At CIA Director George J. Tenet's request, the Justice Department is looking into an allegation that administration officials leaked the name of an undercover CIA officer to a journalist, government sources said yesterday.

The operative's identity was published in July after her husband, former U.S. ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV, publicly challenged President Bush's claim that Iraq had tried to buy "yellowcake" uranium ore from Africa for possible use in nuclear weapons. Bush later backed away from the claim.

It looks bad for Bush. The best he can do now is avoid any appearance of a cover up. (So far, so good.)

The blog-world seems to be attentive, but not unduly skeptical. I'd be inclined to agree with the Democrats calling for an independent investigation. I'm not a fan of special prosecutors, but some kind of blue-ribbon panel would be a confidence builder, as opposed to just tossing it to Justice to investigate.

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