Wednesday, September 24, 2003

When a Clinton denies something, bet on it: Hil takes a moment from her busy schedule to have breakfast with reporters in order to address the "absurd feat of imagination" concerning her running for president or spearheading Clark's campaign. While she uses a bit of hyperbole in describing Bush and how we can't have four more years, she doesn't do any worse than the rest of the candidates (not that she's a candidate!!). She also sounds fairly intelligent when asked about Iraq:
On Iraq, Clinton stood by her vote in favor of the resolution authorizing Bush to go to war and carefully distanced herself from recent charges by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) that Bush and his advisers had cooked up the war in August 2002 and had foisted it upon the American people. "Based on what we knew and believed [about the Iraqi threat], it was merited," she said of the vote to back the war resolution.

Clinton said she had consulted with both Bush and former Clinton administration officials before the war about the Iraqi threat and said that U.S. intelligence "from Bush I to Clinton to Bush II was consistent" in concluding that there was "a continuing presence of biological and chemical programs" in Iraq and that former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein was continuing to seek to develop a capacity to produce nuclear weapons.
She also wisely brings up the new mantra of the dems, that Bush is employing a "preemption doctrine" that is dangerous, especially when the Iraq-WMD tie-in is looking all the more tenuous.

All in all, not a bad showing; not too shrill, and fairly concise. Still, no one believes her that she's not running. Funny.

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