Monday, September 22, 2003

Note to Razor: As long as you don't mind listening to 44,000 snapshots of your music per second, I suppose CD audio is fine. Digital audio -- as you well know -- works on the same principle as the motion picture: if I show you still pictures quick enough, I can fool your brain. I doubt, though, that you've ever mistaken film for real life.

That said, next time you think you see me, don't be surprised if it's not really me. I may instead send someone to test you by showing you thousands of pictures of me very quickly.

Actually, I do have a CD player in my new car, and when I bought it I checked out XM. I can't say I'm terribly interested. Tons of options is really nice sometimes, but sometimes it's just a drag, like the restaurant with the 40-page wine list: Yeah, yeah, I see you have lots of wine. Now quit wasting my goddamn time; I'm paying you in part to weed out the crap and present me with the short list. Not so easy with music, I suppose, but perhaps just as well. I'll have to live with toting a bunch of CDs around in my street bag.

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