Monday, September 22, 2003

A Bit More: I suppose you're right, Razor, that McCartney could have somehow put his foot down back in 1970. The story goes that Lennon authorized the Spectorization, but nothing is clear from the time, really. My point is that, for artistic reasons, it's worth having the document. The point of Let It Be, as a project, was to cut live in the studio, to move away from using the studio as an instrument as they had in their later projects, particularly Sgt. Pepper. But there's no denying that the Beatles are something of a cottage industry now. As for who makes the money, doesn't Michael Jackson own the catalog now? Seems to me that he'll probably take the biggest cut. Thus I presume (perhaps unwisely) that McCartney's motivations are artistic (or a slap at Yoko, as you suggested, which is an art in itself).

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