Wednesday, September 17, 2003

And I never did steroids: The most testosterone-laden political candidate ever just finished with a nice round of pandering to the estrogen crowd, on Oprah, no less. His hand firmly entwined with Maria's, he goes out of his way to embellish his family values creds, while showing even a big guy like him just wants to be cuddled. Oh, and that Oui thing? Just some youthful bragging.

I must say I'm disappointed. This is a guy who is running as the consummate outsider. So why spend so much effort in mashing your oversized frame into the broken mold used by so many candidates: dissemble, diffuse, defy? What's wrong with: "Hey, it was the 70s in Southern California for crying out loud. Any one of you would have killed to be in my Speedos. I was a physical miracle, an already big star on my way to better things, and chicks dug my bod. We didn't have AIDS, no one was hurt, and I don't live that way now." He could therefore avoid the "are you lying then or now" scenario, plus, the whole event shows his "commitment to diversity"! I would expect better.

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