Friday, September 19, 2003

How You Like Me Now? TNR's Primary published an interesting question: Why is Howard Dean so sanguine about Wes Clark jumping into the race? (They decided he was being either cautious or naive, or both.) Dean's answer, from the Washington Post:
It is a good thing for us to have Wes Clark. I have four people beating up on me for being against the war. Now, I have a four-star general saying the same thing I've been saying.
Yesterday, Clark rolled out a Kerry-style position in favor of the Iraq war (and, in fact, skipped Kerry's dodge about voting to "threaten" war), while reserving the right to criticize. That is, he's definitely not "saying the same thing" Dean has said. Having held talks with Clark, presumably to co-opt him by signing him onto a Dean ticket, Dean must have known where Clark stood. Sounds like whistling past the graveyard to me.

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