Tuesday, September 30, 2003

From the liberal wing: A screed from the left that doesn't just see Bush/Cheney/Rusmsfeld as the chief problem, but the almighty DLC as well. You see, they're just too interested in protecting "Wal-Mart, NAFTA, Archer Daniels Midland, and the pharmaceutical companies."

Apparently if the people were allowed to decide we would be overrun with Naderites and Feingold torch-carriers. Is the "Democratic wing" of the party so out of touch that they can't see that many people actually support right/centrist positions on lots of issues. Is demonizing Bush and everything Republicans stand for worth sacrificing the opportunity to win the presidency, or any other highl level office? "Republican-lite" Joe Lieberman may be your best shot to win in '04, but no, we wouldn't want to get behind the man that "...reminds us that he and Al Gore blew the Florida recount." (It always comes back to Florida, does it not?)

Mr. Garvey might also remember that if the DLC is the problem, the ones behind it are still Bill and Hillary. Remember that in '08 if HRC does as expected. Will she, too, be just another Republican-lite?

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