Tuesday, September 23, 2003

More Random Than Usual Thoughts: If breastfed kids are so flameproof, why do we need those tags on baby pjs warming us that they are non/inflammable? Is this some kind of quasi-Nazi experiment to breed flame-retardant super soldiers by infiltrating our bodies from a young age with this chemical?

Let's say you're hammering some nails, and by accident, you hit your thumb. How many of you say "ouch"? How many of you say "&&$#$)$&&(*#(*# !!!!" Thought so. I was listening to NPR by this guy who is some professor of language, and he was commenting on the increase in profanity in t.v. He actually was in favor of it, b/c it's more real, while at the same time professing to be one of the few remaining people who doesn't curse in real life. Anyway, I bet you see "ouch" in books more than you would hear it in real life. There's some metaphysical point to be made, but I leave those to Eno, who will find the opportunity to throw in a Kerry insult while he's at it. Just you wait.

My fantasy football team (well one of them): I had one player going last night. A good performance by him vaults me into first. His name, Rod Smith of Denver. First Quarter: a kick return for 15yds. Good. A fancy run for negative-five. Bad. A catch for seven and first down. Good. Ensuing punch of referee. Bad. Ensuing ejection. Horrible. Needless to say, I'm still in second place.

Listening to Howard Stern on free radio this morning. Topic: movies/events you've cried over and are ashamed to admit it. So, animal movies and Holocaust movies (i.e. "Life is Beautiful") don't count - everyone cries over them. We're talking the movie you're ashamed to admit you've even watched, much less cried over. Or to skip genres, if you're moved to tears over Bennifer's non-marriage. That would be bad. Okay, I cried when listening to Poison's "Every Rose Has its Thorn". I may have posted on this before. I forget. Anyway, it was a very tough time for me, junior year (?) in high school . I'd prefer not to go there.

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