Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Clark: Clark is in front precisely because no one knows who he is, what he stands for, and what he proposes to do. Like Ahnuld who polled very high before registering, Clark is simply the new face on the block. Yes, he's a four-star general, but for God's sake, his claim to fame is Kosovo. Now THAT will get the electorate energized - peace-keeping. Yes, he's got the street cred to take on Bush the Elite Fighter Pilot, but what else? More likely, the swell of opinion is being generated from the Clinton's ground team. However, I still don't see Hil on the ticket with Clark this year. I mean, if Clinton is supporting him it's because they know he can't win, which means they know something the rest of us don't ... yet. If she does want to get on board, it's to use Clark as a test balloon of her ideas, with the understanding that he will drop down to second chair when she announces. Maybe that flys, but she did pledge to server her Senatorial term. With the Clintons, their word is bond.

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