Thursday, September 11, 2003

War: Actually, Razor, I don't have a problem with what you said. I think the word "war" is overused all the time in this country, whether it's a "War on Poverty," "War on Drugs," or "War on Terrorism." Often, it's an excuse to inflate the size and scope of federal power in order to raise money and create beauracracies. And it's a non-partisan phenomenon, to be sure. Ronald Reagan, sainted conservative that he might be, gave us the Drug War and its wasted money and ruination of many lives over the last twenty years. What's evident is that the public will forgive and sacrifice a lot in the name of war, much as they did in WWII.

That said, we were attacked in the most horrible of ways two years ago and the conventional wisdom at the time was that it was only the first attack of many to come. It felt like war at the time (in the macro sense, as you say, since I've never been in uniform either) and I think most in this country were only too happy to see the gloves come off, on our part.

Time gives us a new perspective and the opportunity to decide what sacrifices are necessary and which are not. This is a good thing. Much like the Cold War, this is going to take a long time and the battle will have many fronts, be they military, diplomatic, or economic. George W. Bush won't win the War on Terror, as Kennedy didn't win the Cold War. But he got the country off the ropes and throwing punches, which I think is good. Those who come after him may have better plans and new strategies. I hope they have the guts for the job, too.

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