Thursday, September 18, 2003

On Clark and Hillary: Peter Lawler thinks a Clark/Clinton tag team could be imminent.
Why would the senator give up her all the influence that comes from having a safe seat from one of our largest states? The former First Lady could hardly be fulfilled as a mere senator; her real ambition is to be president. And whomever Clark picks as his vice-presidential candidate — if the ticket is elected — would have immediate advantages in the struggle to succeed him. Hillary can't count on that person not catching on. And no insider Democratic senator has won the party's presidential nomination under the present primary-nomination system. If Mrs. Clinton wants to be president, she'll want to be on the Clark ticket.
I don't thnk so. I think she has to wait out '04. To lose the nomination to any of these bozos would be too much and she's got a better chance of getting elected in '08, on the presumption that 9/11 and national security will be further in the rearview mirror. And she's nobody's VP (been there done that, as has been noted). The only downside to waiting is the chance that the Dem nominee wins and she has to wait until 2012. But that also gives her time to build credibility that comes with a little senatorial seniority (committee assignments and chairmanships etc.). When she gets in, it'll be 100%. Not as Clark's #2.

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