Monday, September 29, 2003

Speaking of TNR: And I was. Check out Beinart's TRB today. A great attempt to follow the bouncing ball when it comes to Democratic strategy on Iraq, the tax cuts, and the magic $87 billion dollars. Why is it that Howard Dean, who opposed the invasion outright, has seized the moral high ground here? He's the only top-tier Democrat who isn't even hinting that he would pull us out of Iraq; he's saying, instead, that now trhat we've committed ourselves, we have to see it through. It's a nice finesse, taking a bold stand, highlighting both his national security awareness and his anti-war cred. No wonder the big-name candidates can't get traction against this guy. He may not be John McCain, but he's driving the Straight Talk Express on this issue.

[Please notice how I avoided a gratuitous insult of that putz John Kerry, despite talking about the very issue on which he belches the thickest fog.]

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