Monday, September 29, 2003

The Clark train rolls on: The General may wind up a little big for his britches, if this scenario plays out.
"Clark would make the perfect running mate for Hillary — he has all the national security credentials she doesn't have," said Joe Cerrell, a California Democratic campaign consultant. But Mr. Cerrell said he could see Mr. Clark rebelling against any prior agreement and saying, "Why are you telling me I should get out. I'm the one leading in the polls."
How would that work out: Hillary puts out trial ballon that she's getting in and would pick Clark for a running mate. Clark tells her to pound sand, unless she wants to be his number two. Wesley Clark's political future arrives wrapped at Howard Dean's doorstep wrapped in brown paper with a note from Terry McCauliffe.

I don't see Clark having those kind of stones, especially as the campaign rolls on and he finds out how different politics is from the military and private sector. Corporations and the DOD are certainly capable of some bizarre reasoning, but nothing like the spin he'll see on the campaign trail. And it begins now.

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