Tuesday, September 02, 2003

"They neuter dogs don't they?": Interesting article on a program here in the U.S. on neutering drug addicts. Not only are we neutering them, we're offering them cash to come in for the procedure to be done. Here's how it works:
"It offers drug addicts and alcoholics a sum of $200 for opting for a long-term form of birth control, such as sterilisation or a contraceptive implant. Those interested are asked to submit documents proving that they have been arrested on narcotic offences, or provide a doctor's letter as evidence that they use drugs. After she or he has been accepted on the programme, fresh documents are then required to show that the procedure has indeed taken place. The money is then despatched."
Now, you can imagine the cries of outrage when the knee-jerks hear about this (especially considering how it's one of "Dr. Laura's" pet programs), and how it's trading on the addict's desire for a quick-cash versus her long term goals of possibly having a family. However, I think what is left unsaid with that argument is all of the women who trade their bodies for that same desire of quick-cash, and end up mothering multiple children to multiple men. Of course, these children end up "in the system" and often suffer physical ailments from their mothers' conditions. To equate this with the early 20th Century practice of sterilizing the retarded is hardly fair.

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