Monday, September 08, 2003

Some final thoughts: I had tried to get my predictions in on Friday, but couldn't access the edit page. Had I made those predictions herein, I would have likely predicted a Capriati-Clijsters final, with the Belgian winning it all. See how foolish I am. I did watch Capriati melt down against H-H (or did H-H simply overpower her?) and at that point, I expected H-H to take the crown, but with more difficulty than it ended up taking. H-H (and I risk Eno's ire over this) is actually not that cute. Viewing her from my luxury suite Saturday night, I am more impressed than ever by her skills, but less impressed by her looks. This is relevant to nothing and no one, but must be said. Justine - get thee to a dentist. Clijsters was just disappointing and seemed mentally drained - going through the motions. H-H was definitely amped to win.

The main sponsor of the Tournie was JPMorgan-Chase. Their President gave out the winner's trophy. A paraphrase in addressing H-H: "Christine, thank you for two weeks of great tennis." Would it be too much for the guy to pay just a little attention to who is playing? And this guy wants to invest your money.

People-watching: From the standpoint of my luxury suite (I am going to keep this up, by the way) between points I took to the stands with my binoculars, seeing who was there. Some actors: Stanley Tucci, Lorraine Bracca, and either Jared Leto or Jude Law (tough call with the scruff and knit cap). Politicos: Koch/Dinkins/Bloomberg. TV: Paula Zahn. Misc: Trump. Interesting point - Trump was with his gorgeous, gorgeous girlfriend (in her six-month stint) and paid absolutely no attention to her the whole time. Got to love that. Athletes: Chris Evert was right next door to our luxury suite, but I missed the chance for an autograph.

Only watched the mens' from home on t.v., not from the vantage of my luxury suite. Roddick may be (may be) a player for the decade. Time will tell.

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