Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Nature and the prejudices of others have conspired to keep me from blogging lately. My apologies for that, but a couple twelve hour days at work plus the new school year kicking pretty much knocked me out. No, I haven't been playing golf, though I did get to actually watch the Panthers/Jaguars game on Sunday. Best game of the year! For either team (snicker snicker)! It was a fantastic finish, with newly named starter Jake Delhomme coming in to rescue the Panthers from career backup Rodney Peete. I like Delhomme (he played at Univ. of Louisiana-Lafayette, better known down south as "Oooh-La-La," and then was a backup for the Saints) and hope he does well this year. Best of all, the Panthers and the Steelers are still undefeated!

Bad news, the Saints get trounced by the Seahawks. Which brings me to my next (and last) football comment. For years I have had a NFL tradition. In order to make the gameday a little more interesting, I make two (For Entertainment Purposes Only!!!!!) picks - one lock and one upset. Gotta find one favorite and one underdog for the day, including applicable point spreads. Just a way to look at all the games of the week, rather than just the ones I am emotionally attached to. Unfortunatley, I wan't able to blog much last week, so I didn't get my (FEPO) picks in. For the record, I won the Bills/Pats game (way too much bad karma in New England these days, with Bledsoe and Lawyer Milloy looking to make a point) and lost the Saints game. Oh well, .500 and moving on.

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