Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I'm baaack!: It was a good trip to New Orleans, though not as wild past visits. We're all a little older, and the events of the weekend (baptism of my niece, for whom I stood as godfather, and lots of golf) precluded any thrashing about in the French Quarter. Good thing, since it turned out to be Southern Decadence Fest this weekend. And our hotel, the W, was right downtown and filled with revelers. It was more humorous than anything, though some members of our party found it a little more troubling. Having lived in The Big Easy, the gay culture of the city kind of rolls of my back. They're less annoyng than drunken Florida football fans and it's easy to steer clear of the craziness. Still, those who are not used to it get quite a shock.

Unfortunately, it's back to school starting tonight. So much for summer. The upside to that, though, is that Andrew Sullivan is back from hiatus with lots to talk about.

Look forward to resuming blogging asap, but now it's off to the bookstore to offer up a pound of flesh. Cheers!

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