Thursday, September 04, 2003

He should stick to CHiPs: Estrada pulls his hat out of the ring for the federal bench. Thank goodness. They guy wanted to destroy our Constitution!

Seriously, and as Eno has posted on quite thoroughly, the war of attrition with respect to judicial nominations is doing more harm than good. It's not even the fact that the nominations get fought, it's the rehtoric that goes along with the fights. Straight-faced statements that a given judge is the anti-christ simply because he disagrees with certain laws the way they are written. Congressmen accusing a president of *gasp* "stacking the bench". No, the fight over judicial nominations is not the way to advance an agenda. Yes, it makes for headlines, but all it really does is waste time. If you don't like a president loading up on his selections, win the damn election next time. And win it convincingly so you don't start whining about the Electoral College.

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