Tuesday, September 09, 2003

CFR up for a vote: McCain/Feingold likely to get a split vote from the Supremes. What's it mean?
(UPenn law prof Nate) Persily said he sees a conflicted opinion emerging on all the issues.
"It would probably be better if they upheld the law in its entirety, or struck it down in its entirety," he said. "But they probably won't. That makes it possible that they'll keep it in place, but leave it completely ineffective."
This is a terrible law that will only make things worse as it complicates election law further and makes it easier, not harder to game the system.

Question: do our thousands of pages of tax code legislation make it easier or harder to cheat on your taxes? That's the kind of system McCain/Feingold gives candidates. The beneficiaries are fat-cat incumbents. It's a shame the law made it this far, since, barring a surprising Supreme Court strike down of the whole thing, it will be impossible to get rid of entirely.

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