Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Can't be said enough: And Lileks says it better than anyone. On the Right Wing=Nazi fallacy:
But Communism doesn’t have anything that can be expressed as pithily as “Goose-stepping.” Except, of course, for the goose-stepping: May Day parades featured some marvelously crisp leg-swings. And the parallels just keep coming! By some peculiar coincidence, the attributes of National Socialism are quite similar to the Soviet system: forced relocation of ethnic groups, the extermination of economic classes, the subservience of Art to the needs of the State, the imposition of Terror as a means of enforcing Party loyalty, the mass arrests, the hasty graves.
And from whence could this gem come today:
How can we understand you if we don’t know your race?
Hint: Think about the maize and blue.

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