Thursday, August 14, 2003

"Nice Golf Shot": I don't know what that means, exactly, but they say it a lot. The commentators (even the players) also say: "He got up and down on that one." Again, no clue. My point being, Flyer will forget more about golf than I will ever know. Your post on the PGA was excellent, and I even understood half of it. John Daly was presumed to be typical of the PGA champion - given the right course, he'd be able to win due to the quirky field of players and the fact that quite likely, many pros just didn't get up on their governors for the tournie. Of course, then he won the British (although I believe that was pre-Tiger). I will admit to watching most majors, usually only to see how Tiger does (or the rest of the field in relation to him). I suppose that makes Nike happy. The PGA however, will probably be relegated to the morning sports section for me. Question: what is "match play"?

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