Friday, August 29, 2003

Kerry Unveils Economic Plan: Kerry seems to be on the verge of self-satire as he rolls out his new "plan" for economic recovery. First, he slaps Bush for inattention to the economy (which, as even the article notes, is recovering nicely):
"When it comes to creating opportunity, restoring fiscal discipline, putting values back into our economy, and preparing for the jobs of the future, George Bush hasn't lifted a finger," Kerry said. "I intend to move mountains."
Kerry then goes on to propose a plan that consists, mainly, of keeping the Bush tax cuts in place. The moving mountains part? Tax cut repeal for the wealthiest 1% -- with that revenue to be spent rewarding state legislatures for passing budgets that lack even a winking reference to reality. If Kerry's plan does nothing else, it at least sends the bold message that, under a President Kerry, the states will not be held responsible for creating the "deficits, debt and doubt" at the state level that Kerry accuses Bush of creating at the national level. In other words, don't worry about running up a deficit . . . unless I'm running for office against you.

If this sort of timid policy is the mainstream Democrats' idea of centrism (which it seems to be, since Edwards claims Kerry ripped this plan from him), Dean is better off staying on the left.

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