Monday, August 18, 2003

Time to get serious: With the ultimate hobby, golf, on the way out, it's time for us to concentrate on what matters; namely the NFL. To celebrate here's a few must-read columns to get started with. First off, the irrepressible, irreverant, and irreversible (don't start with him on "double reverses") TMQ. Last week was just a general commentary on what happened in the off-season in the world. Next Tuesday ... er tomorrow, he starts with his AFC preview. Don't forget, all of his predictions are guaranteed wrong, or your money back! Next, and more conventionally is CNN/SI's Peter King's "Monday Morning Quarterback" (yes, I should have started with Monday before Tuesday, but ... get over it). King is more of the insider, meaning he actually goes to games and interviews people. Not as funny as TMQ, but certainly more factual, and very perceptive. These two guys are all you need to read: one for hard facts, one for what they really mean. Ahhh, I love the smell of NeXturf in the morning!

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