Thursday, August 21, 2003

Arnold's Interview: Arnie was going to go on Howard Stern to be questioned about his candidacy (wouldn't it be fun if every candidate had to do that? Gary Bauer? Bill Clinton? Bob Dole? Actually, Dole might hold his own . . .), but the FCC put the kibosh on it, telling Stern he'd have to give equal time to the rest of the candidates. Jeff Jarvis cuts though the bullshit:
This is wrong on so many levels. Stern's show is facing this fight because he's not considered news (hey, there's just as much fluff on three hours of the Today Show -- and Stern makes a helluva lot more news than any other show) and also because the FCC has a hard-on for him. The FCC -- the government -- should not be in a position to determine what is news and what isn't and what we can and cannot hear.
Nobody considers the Today Show news anyway; candidates appear there to hit a demographic. But riddle me this: Didn't Bush and Gore go on Oprah in 2000? I don't recall Oprah being told she had to give the fringe candidates equal time. And Oprah is to the female audience what Howard Stern is to the male audience.

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