Friday, August 15, 2003

Costner: The guy has the monopoly on over-long, over-earnest, dour, action-dramas, and he's not afraid to exercise it. His films have always been visually stunning, but dramatically stupifying. Indeed, one of the criticisms of his new film (which I've been seeing decent reviews for) is that the movie is way long on beautiful dawns, canyons and vistas (is he auditioning for National Geographic??). Plus, his "dramatis personae" is always the same - weathered, beaten-down, honest, pushed-to-the-limit (the Indians call him: "Sucks with Lemons") guy who has to gather himself for one more [inning, showdown, hole, or battle for the fate of man in an apocalyptic world]. It's too bad, because when you get down to it, he's a likable guy.

Eno - remember watching "Dances With Wolves" in Rockaway, NJ? And the reason the movie seemed so particularly funny?

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